Joanna Dai in Conversation with Insight Collective Co-Founders on highs & lows of work with purpose, side-hustles and portfolio careers

Join us for after-work Friday drinks and Joanna Dai in conversation with the Insight Collective Co-Founders, Christina Clark and Neha Belgrave and the Founder of Deakin and Blue, Rosie Cook on how to manage a side hustle or portfolio career that's driven by purpose, vision and most of all balance, while maintaining a traditional 9-5pm.

About Christina Clark and Neha Belgrave

The Insight Collective was created by Christina Clark and Neha Belgrave, to spark meaningful conversations that nurture, inspire and fuel personal growth. In their day jobs, Christina is a senior communications professional and development mentor, and Neha works as a career and life coach alongside being a senior leader. They set out to showcase and collaborate with change-makers and try to make sense of the white noise of society collectively.

About Insight Collective 

The Insight Collective hosts thematic talks, curated lunches/dinners and workshops that empower London's professional community to navigate life. They also provide regular insights, coaching and mentoring services which support workplace and life growth, development and support. 

"The Insight Collective is a unique home for people who are invested in learning more about the world and about ourselves through the lens of others" (Testimonial)

About Rosie Cook 

Rosie started her career in Strategy Consulting working with private sector organisations to enter new markets, launch new products or plan for growth. After five years, she joined another startup before launching Deakin and Blue, a transformational women's swimwear brand, in 2017. Rosie is passionate about fashion technology, women's rights, body image and sustainability. 

About Deakin and Blue

Deakin and Blue is a transformational women's swimwear brand which launched in June 2017. On a mission to help women feel incredible in their swimwear, Deakin and Blue combines high sculpting fabrics made from regenerated ocean waste, revolutionary production methods and a ground-breaking sizing system, to produce a set of garments showcased on a range of body shapes and sizes. You could say it’s a swimwear revolution. 

About Dai and Performance Space

Dai is performance wear for women who mean business, combining smart, technical fabrics with elegant tailoring and minimal, functional design. Beyond products, we are committed to positive social impact for that empowers women. Performance Space is our global pop-up concept series to explore the performance and sustainability behind the brand and to find your perfect fit with our expert stylists. In addition to exploring our latest collection, we’ll have events throughout the month aligned with our eco and female-focused ethos. The London Performance Space pop-up is opening at 58 Blandford Street, Marylebone, W1U 7JD (corner of Chiltern Firehouse) from 18 June to 15 July.