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Your musicality, your power - by David Lasserson

July 03, 2019

Are you missing a trick?

When people say ‘I’m not musical’, they most likely mean that they don’t channel their innate musicality into playing instruments or singing. But are they missing a trick? Musicality itself is the gift here, not the ability to play or sing well. The foundations of musicality can be found in the most universal things, such as breathing, walking, talking and gesturing.

Musicality can be channelled into any activity, and it gives us things to practise, whether or not we are delivering actual music. Everyone can improve their listening, and their ability to make people listen. Everyone can develop their skills in guiding the emotions of an audience.

The techniques used at the highest levels of music-making are too powerful to be left only to musicians. In our musicality, we can all find power. 


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